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The Department of Computer Science will accept applications at the beginning of each academic year (from 9.9.2024) for two tuition-fee scholarships each for the sum of €5125 (or €4.000/€6.500 depending on the fees of the program). Eligible candidates are Master/PhD level students of the Department of Computer Science who are carrying out or will carry out their master's or doctoral thesis on any topic of Computer Science.

Applicants are required to complete and sign the relevant Application and submit it to the Department of Computer Science together with all necessary certificates in person or electronically at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., until 11.10.2024. It is clarified that, if the recipient of the scholarship has already paid part of the amount of the tuition fees, this will be returned to him/her.

Michalis (Mike) Polydorou (1985-2023)

Michalis (Mike) Polydorou excelled in his professional career in London as a senior specialist - Information Technology Security Consultant. He offered high digital network security services to governments and large organizations, which required high commitment and absolute confidentiality.

He was born on 11.07.1985 in London. As a child, he was fascinated by the world of technology and computers. He was distinguished by simplicity, sensitivity, empathy, insight and a constant desire to learn. He studied at London Metropolitan University, realizing, however, that he had much greater potential. That is why he decided to specialize in network security and continue his career in the UK as an Information Technology Security Consultant. There, he engaged in high digital security projects, earning with his merit senior jobs and the unlimited appreciation of those who worked with him who characterized him as a genius in his field and chose him for the most demanding services. Mike acquired qualifications that few had because he set high goals and achieved them. He passed away unexpectedly on 8.3.2023 in London.

With the scholarship in his memory, the Donor Mr. Pampos Polydorou, father of Michalis, wants to give the opportunity to young men and women who excel to follow the example of Michalis, to advance their studies and obtain a master's or doctoral degree in cyber security, the importance of which stands out so strongly in modern times. This way they will be able to follow the path that Michalis chose and stand out in the science that he loved so much.

The Department of Computer Science accepts applications from new graduate students for a tuition-fees scholarship for the sum of €5125. Eligible candidates are Master-level students of the Department of Computer Science who have been admitted for their studies during the Winter Semester (2023-24). The criteria for the scholarship are the following:

  1. The recipient of the scholarship must be a Cypriot citizen.
  2. Come from a low-income family, based on the criteria and mechanisms of the University of Cyprus.

Applicants, are required to complete and sign the relevant application, and submit it to the Department of Computer Science together with all the necessary certificates, until 9.10.2023. It is clarified that the amount of the tuition fees that was paid will be returned to the student.